Schools, Play Centres, Kindergartens, Fundraising Organisations, Sports Teams, And Charities.

Reflect your individual "look and feel"

With your uniquely created wine label on our fabulous selection of wines

  • Create a fun and different fundraising idea
  • Fundraising products people want to support
  • You set how much profit you want to make
  • A point of difference from other fundraising campaigns
  • Easy and fun
  • No financial outlay – only pay for what you sell

We do it all, source the wine, design the label, package it all up and deliver direct to your door – from as little as $9.33 (excl GST) per bottle.

We are specialists in providing our customers with a variety of quality wines with customised labelling. It's so easy to create a personalised wine label. You choose the wine from one of our hand-selected quality wines, we design the wine labels (or you provide the design for us), we label, pack and deliver to your door.

Our wine selection starts from as little as $9.33 (excl GST) per bottle for our quality wines.

We take the hassle out of organising a fundraising drive

This is how it works

We will do most of the work for you, we will:

  • label the wines you have chosen, pick and pack the order free of charge
  • produce a sales/order form for you to hand out to your members
  • process all the credit card orders free of charge
  • deliver all your wine to one address – see Freight Costs
  • assist you in designing your own label (may be a one-off design set up fee of $60 depending on the label format you chose) – using your logo/emblem. Or you can use our range of standard in-house labels, no design charge

Benefits to you

  • The wine labels we create for you are exclusive to you, not found elsewhere!
  • You set the profit margins you want to make
  • No financial outlay – payment only required on the product you sell, when you sell it
  • All orders are on multiples of 12 bottles of one type of wine with the exception of our house brand
  • You do not have to pre-commit to any quantities of wine; you only pay for what you have sold
  • You may not need a liquor licence (please ask us for details)
  • Very little effort by your committee for maximum return. We do most of the work for you
  • Wine is a very easy product to sell, most of your members either drink wine, or know somebody who drinks wine

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