Label Design & Pricing

Label Design & Process, Label Design Charges, Label Print Specifications.

Label Design & Process

We have many design creation options available to you for label design:

After you have chosen the varietal of wine you require (please see our list of quality wines).

Firstly, you chose what label style you require. We have various label sizes, orientations and designs, such as:

  • Front labels only in various sizes
  • Front and Back Labels
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Wrap-around labels

Please refer to our Label Design Specifications

Then, you chose how we go about the design process, here are your options:

  • We can do all the work for you, creating the label from scratch*
  • We can pool yours and our ideas, so that together we can create an innovative design*
  • You give us your logo/image that you want on the label and design around this, you proof and edit the label*
  • If you’re creatively gifted, or you have a designer, you can give us the design work in a format that our printers can use, and we go ahead and print for you (please see label design specifications).
* These options may attract and one-off design fee of no more than $60)

We also have a number of generic, pre-printed wine labels that you can use (please see our Label Gallery).

We print the labels, put them on the bottle, pack your order and deliver it direct to your door. EASY!!! All you do is chose the varietal from our list of quality wines.

Label Design Charges

For our standard jobs, where our team of designers create the label for you, there may be a one off design fee of $60 per design, (ie if you have the same design for say, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot then the change would only be $60) If you had multiple designs, then there may be a charge of $60 per design.

There is no charge for our standard labels, if however, you have specific requirements that fall outside of our standard labels that we offer, such as special shape, size, texture, there may be an additional charge per label. Please talk to us about your special requirements.

Label Print Specifications

All images must follow our content guidelines:

File Formats Accepted

  • PDF (preferred)
  • EPS
  • TIF
  • InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand or flattened Photoshop files also acceptable, but please ensure all images are embedded and all text converted to paths

Printing & Color

  • All printing is 4-color CMYK digital printing without any extra charge
  • Bleeds are permitted but require crop marks on Customer-provided artwork
  • Colour matching is as accurate as possible within technological limitations but may vary slightly from what is displayed on a computer monitor

Adding wine information to your label design

  • If you wish to add wine information to your front labels, please include this into your design, otherwise we will look after all legal requirements.
  • Legally, the information you add to the label must read exactly as the wine, brand, vintage, varietal and appellation does on our website or catalogue.
  • If you order more than one wine and are adding the wine information to the label design, you will need to place separate orders for each wine and design separate labels for each wine you order.
  • Design and setup cost for extra varieties is $10.00 each, this includes all set-up, approval and alteration costs

Image Content Guidelines

  • You may not design or upload images including copyrighted images unless you own the content and/or have a license to use it.
  • Signature Wines retains final approval on artwork.

Custom Wine Label Shapes

Non-standard wine label shapes may require preparation of a die, which will result in additional charges, and require additional lead-time for delivery.

label guide


All labels which require colour to the edges need to ensure the bleed size option is used. A bleed is extra image area added to each side of your design. This is necessary to assist in the cutting process. If you do not create a bleed and there are art elements too close to the sides of the label (text, logo) please note there is a chance they may be cut off during the cutting process.

Custom Designs

Custom art and label design is billed directly to customer at $60 per hour. Custom design work will be performed by Signature Wines or an affiliated graphics specialist.


Artwork should be submitted in electronic form.

  • via email attachment []
  • via CD-R disc: ship to Signature Wines office via trackable courier.
  • Artwork submitted in hard-copy form for scanning is subject to a $25 scanning charge.

Customer-designed wine labels are accepted by Signature Wines "as is" and will not be edited or altered in any way without express written instructions from the Customer. Content, design, and accuracy of text, spelling, font selection, graphic and photo element image quality, etc., are the sole responsibility of the Customer.


  • Customer must approve artwork prior to printing and label application.
  • Customer-requested changes to label designs, whether the design was prepared by the customer or Signature Wines, which are made final approval and label printing and/or application will be subject to additional label design and production charges.
  • Customer agrees that Signature Wines reserves the right to use their label on the Signature Wines website and for other promotional purposes.

Prices List for Wine Labels

(Prices exclude GST)

Label Name Size Back Label Price, 12 to 99 Price, 100 to 249 Price, 250 to 499 Price, 500 up
16 up 60 x 100 mm same size 60 cents each 55 cents each 45 cents each 40 cents each
12 up 80 x 100 mm same size 65 cents each 60 cents each 55 cents each 50 cents each
Two labels, front & back 80 x 100 mm  60 x 100mm $1.25, front & back $1.15, front & back $1.10, front & back $1.00, front & back
9 up 85 x 135 mm  same size 70 cents each 65 cents each 60 cents each 55 cents each


  • "16 up" is the standard label and is used in portrait suits all bottles.
  • "12 up" is a label that can be used in landscape or portrait suits all bottles.
  • Back labels are optional and are charged at the same price as the front label.
  • "9up" is our wrap around landscape label showing the front and back label in one format

Please, do not just add white space to the design or else your label will have a thin white border on the edge. We do not recommend using any thin borders on the edge of the label for they may be cut off during the trimming process.

All charges exclude GST

We hand select wines from NZ’s iconic wine regions, crafted by fabulous wine makers, and bottled. The wine is labelled exclusively to meet your requirements to fit your unique "look and feel" then we pack it and ship it to your door.