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We work with you to create unique, customised and a personalised wine label, which unite fabulous label designs with high quality wines from well known New Zealand and international wineries.

Reflect your individual "look and feel"

With your uniquely created wine label on our fabulous selection of wines

Including signature wines into your business can offer you:

  • Unique wines on your wine list
  • A memorable tool to promote your business
  • Personalised "thank you" gift for patrons' support
  • Tailored wines for (weddings/functions, etc)
  • A product to make you stand out from your competition
  • A promotional tool – eg give-a-away bottle of wine with every table booked.
  • A unique way to build brand loyalty and grow recognition
  • The power to determine your own G.P on your wines

We do it all, source the wine, design the label, package it all up and deliver direct to your door – from as little as $9.33 (all costs exclude GST)


We are specialists in providing our customers with a variety of quality wines with customised labelling.

We source quality wines from the best wine growing regions in New Zealand, bottle them in unlabelled bottles, we label your choice of wines with your personalised label, pack the order and deliver it to your door.

We do it all from as little as $9.33 per bottle! (all costs exclude GST)

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

Are you sick of your customers comparing your wine prices with others in town? You can overcome this by creating your own unique wine label with us. It’s exclusive to you! Not seen in elsewhere, you have total control of the price of your wines. At the same time, set yourself apart from your competition, increase your brand recognition, awareness and customer loyalty.

Set yourself apart from your competition with your exclusive wine label, you have exclusive ownership of your label. Any situation where there is an opportunity to have your unique branding sitting in front of your customers just reiterates your company and it’s branding, what a talking piece when there’s a lull in the conversation!

Create your Unique Wine Label

By utilising local landmarks or your own company logo, you can create your own unique wines.

Here are the options available to you:

  • If you tell us what you are looking for we can design your label for you from scratch*
  • we can assist you with the design*
  • Or have someone else design the label and send it direct to our printers (please see our label print specifications section)
  • Alternatively, you can chose from our range of house brands, exclusive to on-premise customers

(* where our design team do the creating, there may be a one-off charge of $60 for the design of the label)

Your Unique Wines Supported With Your Logo Or Branding Is Ideal For:

  • Promotions – eg free bottle of wine when dining with 2 or more
  • Birthday gift for customer when dining/drinking in your establishment on their birthday
  • Festival gifts to reward loyal customers
  • Value add

Simply select your choice of wines from Our Wines list, if there is something specific you are looking for or perhaps other beverages, please Contact Us and we’ll source it for you.

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